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Washington DC public TV station WETA aired a segement on the Honorificabilitudinitatibus solo show that I have at the Univeristy of Maryland. You can watch the video here.

The English Department at the University of Maryland interviewed me while my solo show at the univeristy gallery was up. The show was called Honorificabilitudinitatibus. You can read the story here.

The June 2013 issue of Maryland Life Magazine had a nice feature on the barn murals I've been painting across the state. Click here for a photo of the layout.

For April and May I had several paintings in the Fresh Paint group show at Lazarides Gallery in London. I sold every piece I had in the show! Click here to see some photos.

I did an interview with Proteus Mag. A quick read with short answers and lots of images. If you're interested, click here to read it.

Here's a very kind write up / review of my show Paint Job in Boston. It's at, written by Sherard Harrington.

For Feb and March of 2013 I had a solo show called Paint Job at LAP Gallery in Waltham, MA. I displayed black paintings and abstractions based on quilt patterns. Click here to see some pics in the gallery.

The January 2013 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine had a ten-page feature story on my art, written by Caleb Neelon. Pretty cool!

Wow, I'm a bit overwhelmed by this! A special glass case was even made for them. Five paintings I did just went up on permanent display in Tawes Hall at the University of Maryland in College Park. Click here for a photo.

The Baltimore Sun recently ran a Sunday A&E section cover story about the barn mural project. Click here for the story -- with photos and a VIDEO as well! Probably more than you need, but here it is!

Ah, Summer. I have art in three group shows opening the same week -- all over the country. From Brooklyn to Bangkok opens June 29th in NYC, then travels to Bangkok, Thailand. Blank Land opens June 30th at the Torrance Art Museum in LA county. And Fuck Yeah America opens June 5th at Lincoln Art Project near Boston.

Two stories about the barns I painted in September on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. One from the Chestertown Spy is here, and one from the Cumberland Times-News is here. The "quilt barn" is 60ft long and 18ft tall. The other barn is smaller, but I painted three sides.

I recently did a brief interview with Illiterate Magazine in Denver. You can read it here. I kinda like my answers -- brief and inconclusive. And I really like that several of the "black" paintings I've been working on lately are featured in the story.

The Cecil Whig newspaper (in Cecil County Maryland) recently ran a story about the barn mural project. During a two-week artist-in-residence at West Nottingham Academy I worked on two murals in the county -- one I did myself, and for the other I worked with about 25 West Nottingham students. Click here to read an online version of the story.

I was interviewed for a segment on The Story With Dick Gordon. It ran on NPR stations across the country. You can listen to it online. Click here, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the player. My segment is a bit past the middle of the show.

Here's a link to a short video that ran on WETA TV in the DC area. It's Bill Dunlap on Bill Dunlap -- the "other" Bill Dunlap is a great artist, and I'm so glad he and I are friends. The video touches a bit on the Poetic Aesthetic show at the Univeristy of Maryland and the barn mural project.

Here is a story in a DC area paper about the Poetic Aesthetic show at the Univeristy of Maryland. I have five pieces in the show. More info and pictures are here at the Art Gallery web site.

The barn mural project was featured on the front page of the Washington Post on December 23rd. You can read the article here. To my amazement, the story also ran in the Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express, Baltimore Sun, and other papers.

In October, I completed my first barn mural for the Poetic Aesthetic in Rural Maryland project. In 2011 I will paint several more murals across Maryland for the project. More info at the My Love For You site, and more pics on my site here.

Some nice words about my art in the "Better Weather" show at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco posted here on the Street Level web site.

Artist, author, and all-around excellent person Caleb Neelon put together a great show of hand-painted text pieces with hundreds of kids in Boston. And I got to paint a few signs, too! The show is called Signs and Symbols and is on view at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. You can learn more about it and see some great photos at Caleb's web site.

NYC newspaper Paper Spaceship released its new issue in April. 10,000 free issues distributed in the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, and each issue has an 18"x24" poster of my Passion painting. Extra posters were pasted up around town.

Bill Dunlap Art Bill Dunlap Art Bill Dunlap Art
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